Carly – WORKS Participant

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Lionheart WORKS for me is like an extension of Lionheart and helping me find a job that involves my interests and keeping it in the future should I want to stay there. At WORKS, I learned to keep my cool during my job, find accommodations, how to act professionally and be prepared. That’s what I like about Lionheart WORKS.

Vance – WORKS Participant

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Lionheart WORKS has made me feel like I can do anything… helped me over the years because it made me realize how important work is but also how to make friends and keeping them, too. My hopes for my future at Lionheart WORKS is to keep moving forward and to work on minimizing mistakes, also working really hard on my …

Theresa Martin – Canine Assistants

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Words cannot describe the experiences that I have had with our Lionheart WORKS partnership. The young adults that come out to our facility are eager to assist in any way that they can to help us with our mission. They are so kind and loving toward our animals and staff and I am blessed to be part of their program. …

Sarah – WORKS Parent

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The Lionheart WORKS program is one of the best things we have done for our daughter. She is learning life skills and hands on experiences that will be used for the rest of her life.

Robin – WORKS Parent

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I can’t begin to praise the Lionheart WORKS team enough for all they have done. My son has been able to obtain a job at Publix, and has learned new skills in the work place that are going to help him later in life.