Job Coaches

Job Coaches

Our program assigns trained job coaches who are specifically matched to participants that will best utilize their work skills while developing natural supports on the job. We have kind - hearted adults who have experience in a variety of fields like engineers, stay at home moms, retired teachers, equestrians, working professionals, business owners, artist, college students, home - inspectors, and many more. We have approximately 30 active coaches ready to help navigate the worksite and foster success of our participant’s.

If you are interested in becoming a Lionheart WORKS job coach, please contact our Job Coach Coordinator. We will reach back out to you as soon as possible.


  • Nancy Baydale

  • Tim Chisolm

  • Carolyn Dillon

  • Jack Hausmann

  • Beth Hudson

  • Trish Kent

  • Christine Kujawski

  • Lynn Mapes

  • Lynn McCrory

  • Katie Menosky

  • Karen Miller

  • Pam Morgan

  • Jenny Ridnour

  • Rhonda Snively

  • Heidi Sprinkle

  • Jeanne Wolf

  • Robin Wilkinson

  • Rozanne Pinzl

  • Jim Gray

  • Judy Donnahoo

  • Bob Cookson

  • Ashley Gruskin

  • Shannon Stone Hare

  • Steve Staude

  • Alyssa Kumle

  • Jimmy Moore

  • Lieben Bogle

  • Ana Shields

  • Tanya McConnell

  • Patricia Lucent

Will – Job Coach Working as a Job Coach at Lionheart WORKS is the most rewarding job I've ever had. Even if I have had a difficult day, I come home feeling inspired and fulfilled.
– Will - Job Coach
Heidi – Job Coach The honor of 6 years’ time to give to the young adults of Lionheart WORKS has not only filled me with joy it has offered me the opportunity to serve, drive, converse, and counsel (and vice versa) each young man or woman. It has made me realize that sometimes the ability to give of yourself...
– Heidi - Job Coach
Jenny – Job Coach Being a Job Coach for Lionheart WORKS is honestly one of the biggest blessings in my life! Working with the participants and the staff is a joy because I am surrounded by kindness, happiness, patience and love every week.
– Jenny - Job Coach
Christine – Job Coach What a great experience it has been to work with Carly and watch her excel. It's very rewarding to play even a small part in guiding her along the way to achieving a goal and to join in the high fives of the successes and help her navigate the challenges and frustrations.
– Christine - Job Coach
Ana – Job Coach  My role changes every year, every month, every week and every day and I LOVE IT! I am grateful to the staff at Lionheart WORKS and to all the participants for reminding me what is important in life: we all deserve to be happy, productive in society, and feel good about ourselves!
– Ana - Job Coach
Beth – Job Coach It has been so gratifying to get to know the young adults in the WORKS program, and I look forward to working with them every week. Over the years I've been a job coach, I have never come away from an afternoon of volunteering and not felt fantastic! I get way more out of those...
– Beth - Job Coach
Katie – Job Coach If you are looking for a humbling and life changing experience, then I highly recommend looking further into becoming a job coach at Lionheart WORKS. I always leave there with a smile on my face. My favorite part of being a job coach is seeing their confidence and independence grow.
– Katie - Job Coach
Rhonda – Job Coach Job Coaching is an opportunity to share my training and experience with young people entering the job market. It brings me gratification knowing that I have helped our participants gain understanding of job obligations, social skills, and, in some cases, strategies to improve job performance. Equally, I greatly enjoy their company, sharing in their successes,...
– Rhonda - Job Coach