Job Coaches

Job Coaches

Our program assigns trained job coaches who are specifically matched to participants that will best utilize their work skills while developing natural supports on the job. We have kind - hearted adults who have experience in a variety of fields like engineers, stay at home moms, retired teachers, equestrians, working professionals, business owners, artist, college students, home - inspectors, and many more. We have approximately 30 active coaches ready to help navigate the worksite and foster success of our participant’s.

If you are interested in becoming a Lionheart WORKS job coach, please contact our Job Coach Coordinator. We will reach back out to you as soon as possible.


  • Tim Chisolm

  • Carolyn Dillon

  • Jack Hausmann

  • Beth Hudson

  • Colleen Scott

  • Christine Kujawski

  • Lynn Mapes

  • Michael Hessing

  • Karen Miller

  • Trish Kent

  • Jenny Miller

  • Jeanne Wolf

  • Robin Wilkinson

  • Roxanne Pinzl

  • Hydi Kalmin

  • Chrissie Fontaine

  • Bob Cookson

  • Tom Cunningham

  • Pam Morgan

  • Lisa Jacobs

  • Jimmy Moore

  • Lieben Bogle

  • Ana Shields

  • Patricia Lucent

  • Katie Bashe

  • Janine Casner